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After Care Information

All of my henna is completely 100% organic and only natural ingredients are added to enhance the staining.

When the henna paste is removed the design stain will be orange, it will then oxidise over the course of the next two days developing into the desired chestnut brown tones.

Whilst this natural oxidisation occurs you need to respect the developing henna stain or you may prevent it from becoming as dark as possible. However, different areas of the body stain differently. The stain is darker on the extremities.

For the best results I recommend you follow the following instructions.

  • Ensure that you leave the dried henna design paste on for at least 5 hours - longer if possible. If left on overnight wrapping instructions will be given.

  • When removing the paste, scrape it of using a butter knife or business card. If a night wrap has been used the design will usually come off with the tape.

  • Do not wash the paste off or wash the design after. Just apply a little natural oil such as coconut oil or cooking oil.

  • Prevent the stain from coming into contact with chemicals. Wear rubber gloves for washing up and showering. A hairband around the top will prevent water from entering.

  • For a darker stain avoid getting the design wet until it has oxidised. You may feel you will need to wash if necessary so after the first 12 hours just use mild water with no detergent and do not rub.  However, for the best darkest stains avoid water completely for the first 24 hours and limited use the day after.  Amazing stains happen up to three days after the paste is removed

  • Keep the design moisturised with natural oil and apply oil before showering after the stain has darkened.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message. And please, if you do get any great henna stain photos and wouldn't mind sharing with me, I would be exceptionally grateful.